3 Easy Summer HairStyles

It's that time again.  The heat is up and you have a mane that is dying to try something new.  Whether you are heading to the beach or going out on a date, these 3 Easy Summer Hairstyles are a great way to diversify your hairstyles this summer.


This look is perfect for when you want the cool feeling of an updo but can still have some of the appeal of wearing it down.  You can either wear the upper part in a bun or ponytail and the messer the better.  To achieve this look, simply part your hair behind your ears and wrap a  ponytail holder around the upper half.  Top it off with a Hairtye hair comb for a sweet finish.  


Perfect for festivals or a weekend retreat, braids can instantly get your hair off your neck so you can focus on having fun while still keeping your hair stylish.  Boxer braids, when your hair is parted down the middle and two braids are formed, are another great style that has been making the rounds on Instagram.  Wear them overnight and wake up to beautiful waves.  This one is my favorite summer hairstyle.


This one is a classic.  When you want to achieve a professional look that might even be straight up librarian, the bun will not let you down.  This look is versatile, the messier you make it the sexier it gets.  Wear it low for a more subdued look or higher for a perky statement.  To achieve this look, put your hair into a ponytail and your desired height.  Then twist the hair and circle it around the base of the ponytail.  Insert bobby pins to secure it into place.  Voila! 

Here are a few of my favorite hair accessories to use with these sweet summer looks: