Bridal Accessories for Fall

Colder temps, flannel sheets and pumpkin spice everything.  If this sounds like everything you love, then Fall might be the best time of year to have your wedding.  In Colorado, the leaves are turning color and falling making for a very romantic scene that would be perfect for a Fall wedding.  Weather can play a big factor in the style at your wedding, especially if it is outside.  So deciding what bridal accessories you want to wear are particularly important to ensure it is in season and in tune with the look of your wedding.  Bridal accessories can help you transform ordinary style into magical.  That is why bridal accessorizing is so important.  You can easily create a cohesive bridal party look with the addition of a simple bridal accessory.  No matter what your size is or what you are wearing, adding bridal accessories is a beautiful way to elevate your look as well as give your bridal party something to take home with them to remember your day forever.  Here are a few bridal accessories that you might love:


Flirt with your sensuality on your wedding day with these ultra-fallish and undeniably feminine leg garters!  The Eve leg garters feature metallic leaves that encircle the thighs and fit with a soft elastic band in the back.  These flirty leg garters are the perfect bridal accessories that you can wear under your wedding dress and keep with you to relive the special moments that you make together.  The Eve leg garters are the perfect bridal accessories to make your wedding day everything that you want.


Sparkle in your own sensuality with these radiately beautiful nipple pasties from the Chandela Collection!  Sparkly chandeliers drip from a soft and reusable nipple cover so that you can experience your wedding night over and over again!  These sensual bridal accessories are a beautiful way to create a lasting impression on the one you love.  You deserve to sparkle on your big day so allow the Chandela nipple cover pasties help you:)


Give your look a flawlessly feminine finish with the Starlet bow bridal belt!  This bridal accessory is the perfect way to transform your wedding dress or to create a cohesive bridal party look.  This bridal bow belt features spiky handcrafted tyes that encircle the waist for an irresistibly beautiful finish.  Be the starlet that you are!