Fall Trend 🎀 Black Leg Garters

While fall is just around the corner and back to school shopping is at it's height, it's important to look at upcoming trends.  Fall is always full of amazing trends, whether they have been seen before, thinking plead, boots and scarves or something sexy and new, researching and observing trends is always a good idea when you prepare for a new season. Just like lingerie being worn on the the outside is and still a trend, black leg garters are the perfect sensual touch to your fall wardrobe.  These unexpectedly sensual accessories are the perfect way to create a unique statement over and over again.  By adding them to your typical wardrobe will not only give each look it's own statement but something that you can allow your imagination to have some fun with.  Black leg garters can be worn under a short skirt, over leggings or with that breezy, flowy dress of yours.  Ignite a little flirtation and femininity into any look you desire with the Legtyes Collection!  Here are 3 leg garters to consider for your fall wardrobe:

 Invitation Leg Garters

 Black Leg Garters | Invitation Legtyes

You're invited to explore your sensuality like never before with these ultra-feminine leg garters designed to make any look a little more evocative.  These black leg garters feature soft elastic straps and a handcrafted satin tye so gave your curves a little sweetness.  Enjoy the versatility of these black leg garters by wearing with to the front, back or side!

 Pearl Leg Garters | Centerfold Legtyes

Designed to add a hint of feminine luxury to whatever your heart desires, enjoy style with minimal effort with these designer pearl leg garters!  The Centerfold pearl leg garters feature a luxurious creamy glass pearl strand and soft elastic that hugs your legs for a customizable fit.  Wear these flirty pearl leg garters with your favorite cocktail dress for an unexpectedly feminine statement.

Feminine Black Leg Garters | Lady Legtyes 

Discover style in your femininity with these ultra-versatile leg garters designed to highlight your curves.  The Lady Legtyes feature a beautifully intricate elastic with handcrafted tyes so that you can enjoy style effortlessly.  Wear these with your favorite skirt and allow the top and the bottom of the black leg garters to show for that dash of instant sex appeal.  


love, tara