Friday Night Fashion 🎀 Lingerie Accessories to Wear Tonight

Friday.  That feeling of relaxation and fun is slowly creeping up on you as the week finally comes to an end.  After you have been working hard all week, it's time to go have a little fun.  Whether you are going out with your friends, heading to the beach or lounging around your boudoir, capturing the energy of Friday is something that you can use in your accessorizing strategy.  It's that feeling of release.  Of fun.  Of a little, I don't really care right now attitude.  Lingerie accessories are a perfect way to accessorize on a Friday, or any day you want to explore your sensual style and capture that Friday #currentmood.  Lingerie accessories like lingerie harnesses, body chains, leg garters, nipple clamps and nipple covers, are a feminine and sensual way to incorporate the underneath with the surface.  Layering your look with lingerie accessories is not only on trend but also something you can do to accessorize your femininity.  Discover a new way to accessorize with these lingerie accessories that you need to incorporate into your next Friday night fun:

 Lingerie Accessories for Friday Night

Lingerie Accessories | FaireFox Leg Garters

Flirt with your thighs in these irresistibly flirty leg garters designed to create a feminine and flirty statement.  The FaireFox leg garters feature handcrafted satin tyes and sexy picot-edged elastic that contour your curves.  Wear these sexy little things under a short skirt, over leggings, your favorite lingerie set or just against your bare skin.

Lingerie Accessories | Dirty Talk Nipple Clamps

Designed for the tease.  The seductress.  The curious adventurer.  The Dirty Talk nipple clamps are made of what dirty talk is all about.  Arouse your sensuality in these ultra-playful nipple clamps that you can put on and take off as you please.  The Dirty Talk nipple clamps feature soft organza tyes and lead-free chain so that you can wear them when the moment of passion calls for it.

Lingerie Accessories | FrouFrou Handcuffs 

Sometimes you need a lil fluff fluff.  The FrouFrou Handcuffs feature a flirty marabou trim and long satin tyes so you can have the versatile you desire.  Perfect for experimenting with soft bondage, the FrouFrou handcuffs are designed for the beginner but can be used by the most experienced seductress.  Enjoy your Friday with new experiences and memories that will last and last.