New Vixen Items: Sparkly Sensual Accessories

It's the most sparkly time of the year.  It's a time to start fresh and to enjoy the anticipation of a new year.  With a new year comes new goals, new opportunities and of course, new tyes!  Whether you made a New Years resolution or not, it is important to survey and audit your current selection of fashion accessories and jewelry to make sure you are optimizing your style opportunities.  Accessorizing is the name of the game this year with simple and powerful sensual accessories that can redefine your look instantly without much effort nor investment.  Rotating, purging and adding new sensual accessories can amplify your look and make your wardrobe even more versatile, from the boardroom to beyond.  Here is a look at new items that were recently added to the Vixen Collection:


Make each step sparkle with sweet femininity in these ultra-feminine anklets new ot the Vixen Collection.  These thick cuffs are not only showgirl sexy, they will transform any pair of high heels.  Wear these beautifully sparkly anklet cuffs to a night on the town, a night in your boudoir or whenever you need a little sparkly sparkly.  You deserve to shine so make every step count with these must have sparkly anklets!  The Vixen sparkly anklets come in three different colors, black, white and pink so that you can decide what color you want to sparkle.


 It's time to shine with these ultra-feminine bow bracelets that are now available as part of the Vixen Collection!  These bow bracelets feature a handcrafted satin tye and a sparkly rhinestone mesh wristband so that you can wear it wherever this world takes to enjoy.  Bask in the radiance of your own style with this ultra-feminine bow bracelets!  Wear time to a night out, a formal event or just when you need a little more sparkle to your look.