Sunday Style 🎀 Accessorizing Made Effortless

When it's the weekend, there is nothing more enjoyable than the simple things in life.  From fresh squeezed orange juice to a good book, enjoy beauty in simplicity with accessorizing made effortless.  But how exactly do you make it effortless?  That is an amazing question.  By selecting one accessory that will make a subtle weekend vibe yet impactful enough to be noticeable.  From a feminine headband to a bow bracelet, there are a lot of feminine and fresh ways to accessorize your Sunday.  No matter if you are wearing a dress or jeans, enjoy the beauty in the simple life with these effortless accessorizing ideas:

 Honey Eartyes // Simple Bow Earrings

Pour on the sweetness with these simple bow earrings that will make your look feminine and polished.  The honey eartyes bow earrings will light up your cheeks and shoulders make every move you make a lil sweeter.  Handcrafted satin tyes accent lead-free leverback earwires so you can comfortably wear them all day and all night. Wear them with your favorite dress or jeans, they will go with you wherever you want to go.

Highness Tyera // Black Bow Headband 

Crown any look with femininity and style in this feminine headband designed to inspire the highness in you.  This black bow headband is so crazy versatile you could wear it with your business suit to perhaps nothing at all;). This feminine headband features a layered satin tye and headband that comfortably styles your hair all day and all night.  Accessorizing is so easy, right?

Foxy Heeltyes // Sexy Heel Accessories 

It's the weekend, so it's time to come out and play.  And there is no better way to enjoy a weekend out than with the Foxy Heeltyes.  These evocative little things encircle your favorite pair of heels or ankles.  Perfect with your favorite flip flops or high heels, these heel accessories will make everywhere you go a lil sweeter.