Sweeten Each Step with Heeltye Heel and Shoe Accessories

Every day we change a little bit.  We go different places.  And explore new ideas.  And learn new things.  We grow.  We learn.  We experience life.  Each step we take is kinda like a note in the symphony of our life.  Some days are more memorable than others.  The Heeltye heel and shoe bow accessories collection is inspired by this idea.  That each step counts.  Here are a few ways to style your heeltye shoe bow and heel accessories:


Wear your heeltye shoe bow accessories around a high heel shoe is an easy and flirty way to instantly transform any pair of shoes.  Whether you want to wear it on the top, side or bottom of your high heel shoe, this is a great way to strategically accessorize your look.


Since each heeltye shoe bow accessories come sold in pairs, you can easily wear them as anklets.  The elasticized fit is a great and comfortable way to sweeten each step you take.  This is also a great idea for a bridesmaid party to create a cohesive look.  Wear them to the front, back or side of the ankle to create a flirty finish.


If you want to achieve an original look, try wearing your heeltye heel and shoe bow accessories around your calves.  Calf garters, or also known as knee garters or black of the leg garters, have been a microtrend in the last few years.  They are great to hold up long socks over leggings or a sensual way to highlight the back of your legs. 

Here are a few of my favorite Heeltye shoe bows and heel accessories: