2019: A Year Of Playfully Feminine Accessories & Intimates

It's a new year.  Time to explore and visualize all the opportunities that await you this year.  A new year should begin with new style options.  A way to express an evolved version of yourself.  Showing that you are capable to take on what the next adventure this year awaits.  And doing this in style.  This year is all about exploring your sensuality in a confident and feminine way.  That is where the Fringe with Benefits Collections makes for perfect accessorizing options to your style in 2019.  Here is a quick glance at each item in the collection:

Fringe with Benefits Feminine Accessories and Intimates


Flirt with style in a playfully feminine way with this bold bow choker from the Fringe With Benefits collection.  This bow choker features playful fringe that encircles the neck while a handcrafted satin tye accents the center.  Wear this with your favorite cocktail dress, lingerie set or with whatever your heart desires. 


Ignite sensual playfulness in your boudoir with these flirty and feminine fringe handcuffs designed to make your most intimate moments more playful.  These fringe handcuffs feature soft fringe that encircles the wrists or the ankles for a sensual experience worth repeating.   A strong satin ribbon connects the cuffs for a soft bondage adventure that even the beginner will enjoy.


Make each step sweeter with these playfully feminine anklets from the Fringe with Benefits Collection!  Perfect for a night on the town or a sensual boudoir accessory, the Fringe with Benefits Anklets feature flirty fringe that encircles the ankles with a satin tye accenting the center.  Flirt with each step.


 Hips don't lie.  Especially with this ultra-playful belt from the Fringe with Benefits Collection!  This feminine and playful bow belt features soft fringe and a handcrafted satin tye in the center so you can flirt without a word.  Wear this fringe belt with your favorite pair of jeans, a bodycon dress or a lingerie set.  Flirting through style has never been more fun!