3 Anklets You Can Wear All Year Long

Anklets.  Those trend-based accessories that seem to come and go with seasons and moods.  Often overlooked and underworn, these powerful accessories are a beautiful why to transform your favorite footwear while highlighting your legs.  So why don’t we wear them more?  We get it.  It snows, it’s cold or taste changes.  But what if you found anklets that you could style and wear all year long?  Yes, please!  After all, anklets are a beautiful way to highlight each step you take while diversifying your #shoegame.  Ahead are 3 Anklets that you should consider adding to your accessorizing strategy all year round.

Anklet Style Guide

Invitation Anklet

Inspired by the beauty and boldness of bondage, this strappy anklet is perfect for when you are looking for a bold fashion accessory.  Soft elastic double straps give you the flexibility and comfort to wear them with your favorite heels or style them over your favorite boots.  The handrafted satin tye gives your look a feminine finish that you can enjoy anytime your heart desires. 

Vice Anklet

Celebrate each step you take with this evocatively feminine anklet designed to light up your accessorizing game plan.  This triple-layered chain anklet can instantly transform your favorite heels or boots and moves with you wherever you want to go. A flirtatious satin tye sits around the ankle area to illuminate your feet even more. Inspired by the wickedness of vices, this anklet is a must have for every season.

Ivy Anklet

Discover the beauty of entanglement with this criss-cross banded anklet designed to evoke beauty and femininity in each step.  This anklet features soft elastic straps so that you can wear them with your favorite kicks or over boots.  Wear this anklet to the front, back or side to instantly highlight your legs.  Enjoy accessorizing all year round with these must have anklets.