3 Black Chokers For Your Weekend

When you are heading out for the weekend, you want something that you can wear confidently, effortlessly and stylishly.  Chokers are a beautiful way to accessorize any look.  No matter if you are just going out to dinner with friends or hitting the dancefloor all night, chokers are a beautiful way to accessorize without much effort.  Black chokers also have quite the history behind them.  Known to be worn by prostitutes in the 1800s, these fashion accessories have stood the test of time and are just as fashionable today as they were hundreds of years ago. The Bowtye Collection of feminine black chokers makes it an easy staple in your jewelry box.  These black chokers range from a variety of styles and materials, from bold to simple, in order to fit whatever look you are looking for.  Here are 3 black chokers to consider for your next #weekendstyle look.

Black Choker and Necklaces Feminine Jewelry

Lady Black Choker 

This simple and comfortable black choker features a beautiful elastic trim that encircles the neck for versatility and beauty.  This black choker features a beautiful trim that can easily go with your favorite business look, evening dress or lingerie set.  Be the lady that you are with this must-have black choker

Marie Antoinette Black Choker

Discover the kitten in you with this seductively simple black choker designed to light up any look with femininity and elegance.  The Marie Antoinette black choker features a beautiful velvet trim and handcrafted tye that sits at the front of the neck for a feminine finish you can create again and again.

Hickey Black Choker

Make your mark with this feminine and flirty bow choker.  Constructed using a luxurious satin, the Hickey bow choker embodies the passionate moments that leave behind a mark.  Enjoy accessorizing by layering this choker with other necklaces or wearing it all by itself. 

love, tara