3 Black Hair Bows For Your Everyday

Hair bows.  Some think that they are only reserved for the young.  For the juveniles.  For the teenagers.  Perhaps you thought that this hair accessory was dead.  But, like most things in fashion, it comes around again.  And this time Hollywood has noticed.  From Mandy Moore to Kate Middleton, each one has sported some sort of hair bow accessory that has made us fall in love with them all over again.  From a dainty headband to a bold hair bow, these feminine hair accessory are something that you can incorporate into your everyday look.  No matter if you are just heading to the office or enjoying a date out with friends, having a beautiful hair bow to accent your style will give you all the fashionable feminine vibes you need!  Polish off that updo or give that messy hair look a feminine touch with the Hairtyes Collection of feminine black adult hair bows!  Here are 3 black hair bows that you can wear for your everyday look:

Black Adult Hair Bows

Black Adult Hair Bow | Doll Hairtye

Inspired by all things sweet and proper, the Doll Hairtye black hair bow features a handcrafted satin tye and salon-style hair comb that you can insert into any hairstyle you desire.  Whether you are just going into a meeting or hanging out with friends, this ultra-feminine hair accessory is a must have!

Black Adult Hair Bow | Marie Antoinette Hairtye

Enjoy a little feminine touch that can go a long way with this ultra-feminine and petite hair bow designed to make any hairstyle perk up with femininity and style.  The Marie Antoinette Hairtye features a handcrafted velvet tye and salon-style hair comb that will transform any look.

Black Adult Hair Bow | Princesa Hairtye

Discover femininity and glamour with this ultra-feminine hair bow designed to light up your look with style.  This classic black hair bow features a handcrafted satin tye and salon-style hair bomb that you can wear over and over again. 

love, tara