3 Bow Rings To Sweeten Your Touch

Even though the global climate is isolated, uncertain and scared right now, there are little things that you can do each day to make it sweeter, more relaxed and elevated.  Changing your hair, putting together a new outfit or listening to a new playlist are all beautiful ways to develop a beautiful day ahead.  Deciding what to wear has a huge impact on how you feel.  And feeling good is deeply associated with looking good.  So make yourself feel good in this global pandemic by enjoying the small things you can control, and letting go of the things you can't.  The Ringtye Collection of feminine bow rings is designed to make everything to touch a little bit sweeter.  Completely adjustable and beautifully versatile, this collection of feminine bow rings will captivate your touch with femininity and style.  Here are 3 bow rings that you can enjoy in the midst of this madness:

Bow Rings

Petite Black Bow Ring • Do Me Proper Ringtye 

It's the small things that have the biggest impact and this could not be more true than with the Do Me Proper black bow ring!  This petite and dainty bow ring features a luxurious satin and silver-toned ring band designed to go on any finger your heart desires.  Perfect for effortless accessorizing and easy gift-giving, enjoy femininity and flirtation with this petite black bow ring!

Layered Black Bow Ring • Highness Ringtye 

Lay it on thick with this designer black bow ring designed to go with you wherever you want to go.  Crown your fingers with elegance and luxury in this bow ring that will adjust to any finger you want to wear it on.  Enjoy the simple things in life during this chaotic time with the Highness bow ring!

Wispy Black Bow Ring • XO Ringtye 

Kiss your fingers with sweet femininity in this handcrafted black bow ring designed to light up your touch.  This bow ring features a soft satin ribbon and adjustable ring band that you can wear all day and all day!  It's lead- and nickel-free so that you can enjoy it without the sensitivity! Here's a kiss!


love, tara