3 Celebrities Wearing Black Hair Bows Right Now🎀

There are things in life that come back eventually.  The anklet.  The 90 music.  The hair bow.  Yes, the hair bow.  While you might not have seen that one coming, celebrities have been sporting this feminine hair accessory all summer long.  Both on the runways and on the red carpet, celebrities are completing their hair styles with these versatile and feminine hair accessories.  Whether its styling a messy updo or a perfectly perfected pony tail, celebrities like Kate Middleton, Siena Miller, and Dove Cameron are all on board to this feminine hair accessory trend.  If you would like to indulge in this hair bow trend, you will enjoy femininity and classic style with never before with the Hairtye Collection.   Using inspiration from the runways to music, this collection of adult black hair bows will transform any hairstyle you like.  From petite to bold, from velvet to satin, the collection of adult feminine black hair bows are a must have in your hair accessories wardrobe.  Here are a few black hair bows:

Feminine Black Hair Bows

Adult Black Hair Bow | Doll Hairtye

You will look like such a doll in this beautifully feminine black hair bow designed to light up any hairstyle with femininity and versatility.  This feminine hair bow features a handcrafted satin tye and salon style hair bow comb that can easily be inserted into any hairstyle you wish.  Long wispy hair bow tails create a beautifully feminine finish.

Adult Black Hair Bow | Princesa Black Hair Bow

Be the princesa that you are with this classic and bold black hair bow designed to transform any hairstyle, from a ponytail to a bun to a beautifully crafted updo, this versatile black hair bow will make your hairstyle instantly stylish and feminine.  The Princesa black hair bow features a handcrafted satin tye and salon style hair comb that is a must have in any hair accessory wardrobe.

Adult Black Hair Bow | Marie Antoinette Black Hair Bow

Petite yet powerful, the Marie Antoinette velvet black hair bow is the perfect way to swipe up those side bangs and create a stylishly feminine hair look.  The Marie Antoinette black hair bow is petite and versatile so you can insert it into any hairstyle you desire and enjoy feminine style over and over again.