3 Classic Style Rules You Should Follow

There are some women who, no matter how old they are, have a quality about them that seems to stand the test of time.  They are the poster child for their own style.  Elegance and grace seem to be innate to them.  Their sense of style has more to do with knowing what works for them and what doesn't.  These women care more about looking good and feeling confident in their own skin than adapting the latest Pantone color into their look.  Fascinated by this sense of timelessness that these women naturally possess, I crafted specific tips to help create your own timelessness and narrowed it down to three classic style rules that you should follow to create your own timelessness:

Feminine Accessorizing Tips

Don't Pay Attention to the Trends

Creating a classic look is kinda like an old algebra problem.  You have all the ingredients, you just need to make sure that your order of operation is correct.  And do that, you can't be incorporating the latest Breakthru into your formula.  So staying true to what works for you is what you need to focus on.  Having a few key pieces in your wardrobe that you can ultimately go to whenever you need them is definitely one style rule you can not ignore.  So instead of reading the latest blog, look to your jewelry box and incorporate a classic, like these bow earrings, to help you craft your legacy. 

 Edit Your Silhouette 

While oversized anything might have a place in all our hearts, tailoring your silhouette to celebrate and show your curves is an important element in achieving a classic look.  A pencil shirt that hugs your frame is far more flattering than bagging jeans.  A quick fix for editing your silhouette is adding a bow belt to your look. These versatile bow belts are a beautiful way to feminize your look and create a silhouette that you can wear anywhere.  

Have A Shoe Game

When you look at most "classic" woman, whether you see them at the hair salon or walking down the street, their shoes seem to be very well incorporated into their look.   Having a few pairs of beautiful go to shoes is an important pair of crafting a look that is timeless.  If you want to create a cohesive shoe collection effortlessly, look to the Heeltye Collection of beautiful shoe accessories to help you craft a winning shoe game.


love, tara