3 Feminine Accessories for your inner Flower Child

Even though Winter is almost here, the spring-like feeling of fresh flowers is always a thing.  No matter if you are at work and get flowers from a secret admirer or go to the grocery store and pick yourself up a long-stem rose, flowers are a beautiful thing to have around you all year, not just spring.  To extend this notion, there are feminine accessories designed to capitalize on the feeling of fresh flowers to elicit femininity naturally.  It can be a hair accessory, a lingerie accessory or even a simple necklace can help you navigate accessorizing to explore your inner Flower Child.  Whether you are heading to a music fest, a Holiday party or just want the lounge around your boudoir, feminine accessories are a beautiful investment to make your wardrobe feel new again, even in the dead of winter.  Here are 3 feminine accessories designed to light up your wardrobe with femininity, style, and elegance like a fresh cut flower:

Feminine Lingerie Accessories

Daisy Pastyes | Feminine Nipple Covers 

The Daisy Pastyes are the first place to start when you are looking for new intimate accessories.  They feature a beautifully handcrafted chiffon daisy with an organza tye that accents your boudoir style effortlessly.  Reusable and versatile, these sensual accessories are the perfect way to light up those dark winter nights.  Celebrate your femininity again and again with these flower-inspired nipple covers.

Highness Tyera | A Black Bow Headband

Like a tulip with pretty layers, the Highness black bow headband features a beautiful layered black tye that you can wear at the top of your head.  Innately feminine and undeniably versatile, this feminine black bow headband is the perfect way to make a feminine statement.  Wear this with your favorite little black dress or lingerie set, the Highness black bow headband will light up your look even in the darkest night.