3 Feminine Bow Earrings You Need

Sometimes you just don't know what to wear.  Maybe you have a new outfit but do not know how to accessorize it.  Or you want to add something to your look, but not quite sure what it is.  Earrings have been a beautiful fashion accessory that can polish off any look, whether you are going to a ball or heading into work, having a beautiful array of earrings makes for easier solutions for when you want to look your best.  Bow earrings have a large array of different styles that is why the Eartyes Collection of feminine bow earrings make for effortless accessorizing again and again.  Here is a look at 3 feminine bow earrings that you should consider incorporating into your jewelry wardrobe:

Feminine Bow Earrings

Feminine Bow Earrings | Femme Fatale Eartyes

Unique and simple, the Femme Fatale black bow earrings are a beautiful way to dress up that little black dress or a white business suit, these bow earrings are a easy and affordable way to accessorize your look.  Featuring luxurious satin and lead-free earring studs, these flirty bow earrings are a beautiful way to make any look feminine and elegant.

Feminine Bow Earrings | Secrets Eartyes 

Designed to delight, these handcrafted black bow earrings are a beautiful way to dress up any look.  These long bow earrings are the perfect shoulder dusters that highlight your neck and cheekbones.  The Secrets eartyes bow earrings feature soft organza tyes and lead-free chain and earwires.

Feminine Bow Earrings | Marie Antoinette Eartyes

When you are looking for something classy and elegant, look no further than the Marie Antoinette bow earrings!  These velvet tye earrings feature a creamy teardrop pearl and lead-free earwires so that you can comfortably wear them all day and all night.  Look classy and elegant instantly with these feminine bow earrings!

love, tara