3 Feminine Hair Accessories For Your Inner Flirt

When it comes to doing your hair you have so many options.  Not only can you choose the color, style and cut of your hair, you can choose what accessories you want to style your hair with.  With the big surge of scrunchies back on the scene, there is always something cool and feminine to style your hair with.  Instead of keeping up with all the trends, it might be a wiser decision to invest in a few feminine hair accessories that are classic and versatile.  Not only will they go beautifully with your no matter what you are wearing, they will easily accent your facial features and help you achieve the style you want.  If you are looking for new inspiration and feminine ways to style your hair, here are 3 feminine hair accessories for your inner flirt:

Feminine Hair Accessories

Feminine Hair Accessories Centerfold Pearl Headband

Discover luxury and style with this undeniably versatile and beautifully feminine pearl headband from the Centerfold Collection!  This classic hair accessory features a luxurious creamy pearl strand and soft elastic for a customizable fit.  Top this off with a satin tye that accents the back for a feminine finish you can wear anywhere this world takes you!

Feminine Hair Accessories | Chantilly Lace Headband 

When you want a touch of elegance in your everyday, enjoy styling your hair with the Chantilly lace headband!  This ultra-feminine lace headband features a metallic lace and soft satin tye that creates a beautiful touch to anything you want to wear!  Enjoy flirtation and femininity in this lace headband!

Feminine Hair Accessories | Honey Hair Chain

Pour on some honey with this must-have hair chain from the Honey Collection!  This beautifully versatile hair chain features a soft satin tye and lead-free chain that you can wear to the front, back or side of your hairstyle.  Perfect for #festivalseason or really anytime you want to add a touch of sweetness to your hair!

love, tara