3 Feminine Lingerie Accessories You Need

It's been a trend.  You know.  You have probably seen it several times on Instagram, on someone walking down the street or even in the pages of a magazine.  Wearing your lingerie like it's your outer clothes is a thing.  And it has been.  For a while now.  If you haven't already invested in bralettes, lacy versatile nothings or even some high-waisted panties, the time is now.  Wearing lingerie accessories is a popular trend that exerts femininity into your style.  You can play this trend in several ways.  You can play it to the right by keeping it sophistication enough for the office or you can play it to the left and make this look something that is perfect to take into the bedroom.  However you decide to apply this trend is totally up to you.  Deciding what lingerie accessories is an important part of pulling off this fashion trend.  Strappy lingerie accessories on a white collared shirt, leg garters to show off your thighs or even nipple covers to wear under a sheer shirt.  There are several lingerie accessories that you can choose from.  Here are a few lingerie accessories that you need: Feminine Lingerie Accessories

Josie in the Duchess Pastyes | Feminine Lingerie Accessories You Need

Duchess Nipple Covers

Be the Duchess that you are with these luxuriously feminine nipple covers designed to highlight your femininity.  The Duchess Nipple Covers feature a soft tulle tye with a faux pearl trim so that you can wear them around your boudoir, under a sheer shirt or under a blazer for perhaps a little flashy flash.  Discover the flirt in you with these versatile nipple covers!

Vice Leg Garters

Discover your vice with these mischievously feminine accessories designed to go with you wherever you go.  The Vice Legtyes leg garters feature a soft elastic band and lead-free chain so that you can wear them under a short skirt and dance the night away.  Wear them to the front, the back or even to the side.  Awaken the vice in you💋

French Kiss Lingerie Harness

Kiss your look with the sweetest of accents in this luxuriously feminine lingerie harness designed to give your look a feminine touch.  Wear this lingerie harness with a white collared shirt, blouse or little black dress.  Enjoy a little luxury while you discover your sensuality in this must-have lingerie harness.