3 Fringe Accessories You Need

Fringe.  It's a trim.  It's a mood.  It's something that flappers wore a lot of in the 1920s.  And it's something you should have in your jewelry and accessory wardrobe.  Why?  Because when those playful, evocative moods come you have something to wear to enhance your mood, your confidence and your style.  The Fringe with Benefits Collection seeks to celebrate all things playful, all things flirty and all things seductive.  It is the perfect way to celebrate femininity.  Chokers, anklets, and even a belt are a few ways to explore your accessorizing opportunities with fringe.  And this detailing is everywhere now.  So before buying that pretty piece of fringe jewelry or that fringe accessory, it's important to understand balance when it comes to incorporating this bold accessory into your essentials.  It is always an eye-catching statement, so incorporating it wisely into your look is essential.  Here are a few fringe accessories that you should consider for your next fringe look:

Fringe Jewelry and Accessories

Fringe Choker || Fringe with Benefits Bowtye

Flirt with your femininity in this ultra-feminine bow choker designed to light up your look with femininity, flirtation and style.  The Fringe with Benefits Bowtye features playful black fringe and a handcrafted satin in the front.  Enjoy a bold look effortlessly by wearing this with your favorite business suit, little black dress or nothing at all.

Fringe Anklets || Fringe with Benefits Anklets

Make each step sweeter with the Fringe with Benefits anklets designed to make the most out of every step you take.  This must-have anklets are the perfect way to highlight your anklets with sophisticated femininity.  These fringe anklets feature black fringe and handcrafted satin tyes with a clasp closure.  Wear them with your favorite high heels, sandals or even just bare feet.

Fringe Belt || Fringe with Benefits Beltye

Make any look a little more playful with this fringe bow belt designed to light up your look with feminine style.  The Fringe with Benefits bow belt features a handcrafted satin the and adjustable elastic belt so that you can easily wear it with any look you desire.  Perfect with a lingerie set, jeans or just against your bare skin. Enjoy a little playfulness in your look.