Giving yourself a treat from time to time is an important part of self-celebration, self-care and rewarding yourself for all the hard work you do.  Enjoying yourself and the body you have is a beautiful part of celebrating your femininity, which is the vision of Tyes By Tara.  Whether it's your birthday or you got a promotion, or maybe you just needed to give yourself something special, celebrating your life is always in style.  A sensual way to celebrate your curves is with the legtye leg garter collection.  This collection was specifically designed to highlight your curves no matter what you are wearing.  Here are three legtye leg garters that you can wear to celebrate your curves.


This is where sensuality and elegance collide.  The Centerfold Leg Garters are a beautiful way to highlight your thighs.  Perfect for a night on the town, an intimate evening in or whenever you feel it's time, the Centerfold pearl leg garters are a sensual accessory that you can use in a variety of looks.  Wear them under a short skirt, your favorite boudoir lingerie set or perhaps with nothing at all.  These also make an elegant gift for the one you love.


You're invited to explore your femininity and celebrate your curves with these bondage-inspired bow leg garters from the Invitation Collection.  Wear them to the front or the back, each leg garter features a beautifully handcrafted bow that you can position right under your cheeks or right under your hips.  These handcrafted leg garters are fun to wear under a skirt or with your favorite lingerie set.  Flirt without a word in these versatile leg garters.


Seduce with your curves in these chain leg garters from the Vice Collection!  Soft elastic encircles the thighs while flirtatious chain dangles in sinister delight.  Whether you are going out for a night on the town or having an intimate night in, these flirty little leg garters are a sensual way to accessorize by highlighting your curves.  Wear these chain leg garters to the front, side or back for a look that is sweetly sensual.