3 Lingerie Accessories for Sensual Styling

When it comes to sensual styling there are certain lingerie accessories that you can play with to play on your body's natural curves and sensuality.  Whether it's a flirty cage bra or a simple anklet, there are unique fashion accessories that you can procure and employ to create a sensual look.  But what is a sensual look?  A sensual look is defined by the beholder but commonly underpins highlighting a certain area of the body that attracts attention.  Depending on what feature you want to highlight; your neck, your torso or your hips, adding a lingerie accessories into the feature you desire helps not only make you feel more sensual but also more powerful and confident.  Ahead are 3 lingerie accessories to make your sensual accessorizing strategy powerfully feminine yet uniquely you:

fringe with benefits anklets

 Fringe with Benefits Anklets

The ankles are a power yet underrated zone of the body that is not only sensual but seriously deserves some more attention.  Designed to be playful yet stylish, these anklets are designed to bring sweetness to each step you take.  From happy hour to dancing the night away, these flirty and feminine anklets are a beautiful addition to any look you want.

Marie Antoinette Pearl Earrings

Highlighting your neck is another beautiful and sensual area of the body that is a perfect area to accessorize.  So highlight them with the Marie Antoinette pearl bow earrings.  These classic style pearl earrings will become an easy and effortless way to style your favorite looks from the bedroom to the office.  Wear them with your favorite low cut dress or lingerie set for a feminine yet powerful statement. 

La Sophisticate Chain Cage Bra

Designed with sophistication and beauty in mind, this versatile and dainty chain cage bra is a sensual statement you will want to make again and again.  Featuring creamy glass pearls and lead-free chain, this cage bra is perfect to wear under dresses, blouses or over your favorite lingerie set.  Highlight your chest with this adjustable chain cage bra to make a sensually feminine statement.

love, tara