3 Unexpected Summer Trends

The summer of 2020 is something that we might have never expected or have been able to truly prepare for.  As #quarantinelife still exists in our lives, as social distancing measures are still in place, there are things that we can take out of this period and enjoy them.  There is a lot of unexpectedly cool trends that are the result of this new lifestyle.  This lifestyle has given us the creativity to create these unexpectedly cool trends that we an apply and enjoy this summer. These could be considered a micro-trends.  Small patterns in fashion that we see all over the 'gram. From our favorite influencers to someone in our #squad, read on to see these unexpected summer trends and shop them for yourself:

Summer Trends Feminine Jewelry

Anklets But Over Socks

We all enjoy wearing anklets in the summer.  They provide a sweet feminine touch to our flipflops and sandals, but as #quarantinelife got us wearing inside clothes, we have noticed some influencers wearing them over socks!  Yes, over socks!  This is actually quite adorable and with the Ankletye Collection, there are anklets that have an elastic fit so you can even take them higher on the ankle if your heart desires. 

Not Your Average Bra

While we have seen a lot of pretty lingerie on the 'gram, there is something unexpected that we have been seeing a lot of lately. That is most of us are opting to try new and different this #quarantine.  And that is the cage or harness bra.  This bondage-inspired lingerie accessory is a beautiful addition to under a loose shirt, your pjs or whenever you want a bit of the unexpected.

Tennis But Fashion

There's a lot of fun to be had with a game of tennis and we love the fashion that comes along with it.  The Hairtye Collection of feminine hair accessories is a beautiful way to complete your tennis-inspired look.  Pair these hair bows with your favorite collared shirt and pleated skirt and you'll be trending xx


love, tara