3 Ways to Optimize Your Accessorizing

3 Ways to Optimize Your Accessorizing

Sometimes all you need is a dainty necklace, a belt or a headband to transform the way you look and feel.  Accessorizing can be the centerpiece of your look or it can be a simple after-thought as you run out the door.  There are so many possibilities, sometimes it’s so hard to choose what accessories to add to your accessory wardrobe.

However you decide to accessorize, it is important to be mindful of how you accessorize and when you do it.  Do you have go-to daily accessories or special heirlooms for rare occasions?  Take a current inventory of your accessories, you might be surprised at the accessorizing opportunities that await you. Here are a few simple staples to optimize your accessory wardrobe:

A Simple Bracelet.  Do you have one?  If not, something simple like the Coax Bow Bracelet might be just want you need to wear anywhere your heart desires.  Versatile pieces like a simple bracelet can amp up your arm game effortlessly and take your look from average to sophisticated.

A Choker.  Whether you follow current trends or not, having a choker on hand is a great way to highlight your neck and decollete.  You might want to try The Lady Bow Choker is a comfortable option that is versatile to wear.  

A Headband.  While jewelry is a great way to accessorize, using your mane as a canvas for accessorizing is a great way to highlight your hair.  Having a headband, like the Goddess Headband, is a simple and effective way to incorporate accessories into your look.

A Pair of Pasties. Yes pasties.  Sheer shirts and nipple pasties are all the rage with celebrities right look and this pair is the perfect play on how well clothing and accessories can complement each other. 

What are some of your favorite accessories?  Do you have an accessory plan that works for you?  Accessorizing is an art.  By curating a careful and thoughtful selection of accessories can transform your look and appeal.