3 Ways to Wear Your Heeltyes Heel Accessories🎀

Have you ever walked with a book on your head while you walked?  Have you tried to walk down a runway like a supermodel?  How you walk is something that can bring your presence attitude, conviction and yes, style.  That is the inspiration behind the Heeltyes Collection.  This collection of designer heel accessories highlights your calves, anklets and feet with each step you take.  No matter where you are going in this world, make each step a little sweeter with this collection of ultra-feminine accessories.  From bold to subtle, this collection is designed to make your accessories wardrobe versatile, flirty and fabulous.  Enjoy the evening dancing with friends or simply go out on a morning walk, having feminine accessories with you wherever you go, makes for a feminine statement. Pair them with your favorite heels, pumps or even just bare feet to enjoy accessorizing like never before.  Here are a few ways you can style your heeltyes heel accessories:

Shoe Accessories

 Heel Accessories Around the Shoe

This original style allows you to enjoy heeltyes with the security that your shoes will not slip off, your steps will be graceful and that you are accessorizing your femininity with elegance.  Simply slip a heeltye around your heel so it hugs the top and bottom of the foot.  Wear the tye to the front, underneath the foot or to the side for a sensually feminine statement.

 Heel Accessories Around the Ankles

When you want to buy new shoes, think again.  Adding a simple accessory to your shoe wardrobe will not only increase your options but will completely transform your look.  Wear heeltyes around your ankles for a transformative experience that does not have to cost a lot and that will give you more options in your shoe wardrobe.   Wear these heel accessories with your favorite heels, flats or simply just barefoot to celebrate your femininity.

 Heel Accessories Around the Calves

You might have seen them in winter, but calve garters are a sexy micro-trend that gets often overlooked.  Keeping your leg warmers up has never been easier with these must have accessories.  Wear your heeltyes around your calves with socks, with leggings or just against your bare legs to create a beautiful statement you can wear anytime you want.