A Good Hair Day 🎀 Hair Bow Combs

Somedays are good.  Other days are bad. How can you make every day a good day?  The purpose of the Hairtye hair collection is to create a beautiful hairstyle no matter what kind of day your hair is having.  Curls, straight or all a mess.  No matter what your hair is doing, control and style it with simple to bold hair bow combs.  Perfect as an updo or when it is down, discover beauty in versatility with these ultra-feminine hair bow combs.  Using a wide array of different materials and styles, the Hairtye hair bow comb collection is a beautiful way to make every day a good hair day!  Here are some hair bow combs that you need in your life: Hair Bow Combs

Princesa Hair Bow Comb

Flirt with your femininity in this bold and beautiful hair bow comb!  Designed to give your look a feminine finish, the Princesa Hair Bow Comb features a handcrafted satin tye and salon-style hair comb so you can easily insert it into any hairstyle you desire.  Perfect to wear with your hair down, for a night on the town or a special evening behind closed doors, invite beautiful style into your look with this feminine hair bow comb!

Marie Antoinette Hair Bow Comb

Simple and sweet.  Discover new hairstyles with this beautifully feminine hair bow inspired by all things feminine.  This velvet hair bow comb features a salon-style hair comb with a beautifully handcrafted bow so that you can wear it any way your heart desires.  Find a good hair day any day with this flirty and feminine hair bow comb!

Drama Queen Hair Bow Comb

Create a little drama in your look with this dramatically feminine hair bow comb designed to create a bold impact no matter what hairstyle you go for.  The Drama Queen hair bow comb is a handcrafted, long tail hair bow with a salon style comb so you can easily insert it into any hairstyle you desire.  Find the drama queen in you!