Accessories That Evoke Flirting

Flirting.  You know.  That thing you do when you really like someone.  Like really really like someone.  And sometimes it's totally chill and cool and other times it's awkward and weird.  There are things that we can do to help us with this.  To make it less awkward and more fun.  Whether it's complementing the way they look or sharing a tidbit of information that is not well known are all great ways to kick off a conversation.  But there are things we can do without saying anything.  And accessories are here to help us with that.   Below are a few fashion accessories to help you make flirting fun and enjoyable:

The Hickey Tyelet

Inspired by the sensual act of leaving a hickey, this petite yet bold black bow bracelet is a beautiful way to complement your look as will as draw attention to your hands and fingers.  A common place where eyes wander to see if you have a ring on or a signal of how well your hygiene comes into play.  This beautiful black bow bracelet is a great way to flirt without saying anything.

The Doll Beltye

This wispy and innately flirty black bow belt is a great way to draw attention to your curves.  Wear it however you feel most comfy!  To the front to hug your curves and add some dimension or around to the back to make a bold and feminine statement.  These wispy tails are hard not to want to touch.  So doll it up, my love!

The Blush Pastyes

Taking boudoir style out into the world is definately a trend.  You see it with super lacy bralettes, peep show boy shorts and so much more.   So try on a sheer shirt and pop on these love-inspired nipple covers to create a beautiful and sensual look that you can enjoy whenever your heart desires.  It's time to enjoy the game of flirtation.

love, tara