Accessorizing Skills 🎀 Bow Necklaces

It's an important part of styling success.  The little details.  The necklace.  The bracelet.  That adorable belt that makes the outfit.  Accessories are essentially the punctuation to any outfit.  They create the statement you want to make.  That is why having the right balance of accessories is an important part of styling your look.  Whether you want to go super simple or glam it up, having feminine jewelry and accessories is an important part of your styling success.  One easy way to integrate accessories into your look is with bow necklaces.  These feminine and flirty necklaces can easily transform your look without much effort.  Chokers and necklaces are a focal point in your look, so make sure that they are creating the statement that you want to create.  Here are a few bow necklaces and feminine chokers that you may want to add to your accessorizing gameplan.

Bow Necklaces and Feminine Chokers

Chantilly Feminine Lace Choker

Transform any look instantly with this beautifully feminine bow choker designed to make your look feminine and elegant.  This lace choker features handcrafted satin tyes and an eyelet lace with satin detail so that you can make your look beautifully feminine.  Wear this lace choker with your favorite little black dress, boudoir outfit or with whatever your heart desires.  The possibilities are all yours.

Fringe with Benefits Choker 

Create a bold statement with this ultra-feminine bow choker with a fringe flair.  This handcrafted fringe choker features soft fringe and a satin tye detail that secures with a clasp.  Wear this fringe choker with your favorite dress, evening outfit or with whatever your heart desires.  Delight your style with this bold and dramatically feminine fringe choker!

Marie Antoinette Bow Choker

Flirt with your femininity in this classic bow choker!  Inspired by all things vintage and feminine, this bow choker features a handcrafted tye and soft velvet material so that you can wear it all day and all night.  This kittenish choker is perfect for a night out on the town or kept for an evening behind closed doors.  Make this bow choker all yours.