Accessorizing with Cage Bras

Accessorizing can be a beautiful thing.  It can transform your look.  It can make you feel good.  It can also expand your wardrobe.  There are several accessorizing strategies that you can employ. Whether it's adding a necktie necklace to your business suit, an anklet to your favorite pair of heels, or even a cage bra to accent your silhouette.  A cage bra? Yes, a cage bra.  You might be curious on how to accessorize something that is seemingly bedroom wear.  But you can do unexpected things with this beautiful lingerie accessory.   It's not only for the bedroom - it's for cocktail hour, a night out with friends or even that first date.  Enjoy your curvature and celebrate it with cage bras that hug your every curve and delight your look with femininity.  Whether you have never tried wearing lingerie accessories outside of the bedroom or not sure how to best accessorize them, here are 2 cage bras that you need in your accessorizing strategy:

Cage Bra

Bombshell Cage Bra

Be the bombshell that you are with this flirty and feminine cage bra designed to delight any look your heart desires.  Inspired by glamour, femininity and centerfolds, this unique and cheeky cage bra is perfect over a tight dress, with your favorite lingerie set or just your bare skin.  A beautiful and bold satin tye sits in the center to create balance and beauty. Delight your style with this handcrafted cage bra!

Blush Cage Bra

Inspired by the act of blushing this sensual lingerie accessory is perfect to wear with anything you can put your imagination to. Soft elastic straps contour your curves while handcrafted satin tyes highlight your shoulders and your neck. An adjustable waist makes it perfect to wear over or under anything look you want. Flirt with your femininity in this simple and beautiful cage bra. 


love, tara