Accessorizing Your Halloween Costume

Let's face it.  Dressing up as something other than ourselves is fun.  Like a lot of fun.  French maids, kittens, bunnies, you name it!  Let your imagination run wild and become whatever you want to be by accessorizing your way to a Halloween costume.  Because you may not want to pay a bunch of money for your Halloween costume that you want to wear once a year, so instead maybe an accessory might do the trick...or the treat😉. So accessorizing your way to a Halloween costume might be the way to go this year and maybe next too.  Ahead are three different Halloween costumes that you can create that all under $30.  Ignite your imagination and let the magic of Halloween allow you to create whatever you want to be with these feminine accessories:

 Pearl Bow Necklace

French Maid with the Mademoiselle Pearl Bow Necklace 

Doll up your look with a black dress, feather duster and the Mademoiselle Bowtye pearl choker and become a French Maid for the night!  This bauble classic is a perfect accent to your decollete and can also be worn beyond Halloween.  Long and luxurious satin tyes allow you to create a bold satin tye or drape it down long against your back.  Let the Mademoiselle pearl bow necklace transform your look so you can be whatever you want to be.

 Kitten with the Marie Antoinette Bowtye Choker

Meow! Add some whiskers with your favorite liquid eyeliner and put on the Marie Antoinette Bowtye around your neck to create a kitten look in minutes!  The Marie Antoinette bow choker features a handcrafted kitten-inspired bow that you can wear out on the town or behind closed doors.  When you need a quick Halloween look, this is the way to go!

Queen with the Highness Black Bow Headband 

Grant your wishes and the wishes of all that you wish with this handcrafted black bow headband designed to bring out the queen in you!  Simply add this black bow headband and wand to your favorite party dress and let the queen in you come out and play.  Wear this headbead beyond Halloween when you need a easy hair styling solution.