After Hours with Intimate Jewelry

When it's time to start exploring it can be scary. You could be unsure about which direction to go, which items to pick, and what exactly to do. This is normal. And this is okay. Being unsure about how to explore your sensuality is something we all experience. But the more we are authentic and the more we are curious, the better it gets. The Niptyes Collection of intimate jewelry is designed to light up your most intimate moments with beauty and glamour. Without needing the commitment of a piercing, these beautifully handcrafted nipple clamps are a beautiful way to explore your sensuality without the commitment. Ranging from elegant elements like velvet and pearls, this collection of bow nipple clamp jewelry is a beautiful way to begin your exploration. Ahead are three pieces of intimate jewelry that you should consider for your next intimate moments.

Inspired by beauty and glamour, these handcrafted bow nipple clamps are a beautiful and elegant way to light up your foreplay or anytime you please. The Marie Antoinette bow pearl nipple clamps feature a handcrafted velvet tye with luxuriously creamy glass pearls that move with you. Designed to deliver the sweetest of sensations, these feminine bow nipple clamps are an easy introduction to all things intimate.

Kiss your most sensual areas with luxury and beauty in these beautifully sensual pearl strand bow nipple clamps from the French Kiss Collection. The French Kiss nipple clamps feature a luxurious pearl strand that you can adorn under a sheer shirt, blazer or robe for a sweet surprise that you can enjoy together or solo. These handcrafted satin tye nipple clamps sweetly squeeze the nipple for a flirty and feminine sensation you can enjoy anytime.

Discover all your vices with these ultra-feminine nipple clamps with an edge. Dainty lead-free chain drape the torso giving it a feminine vibe that you can wear under a sheer dress or lacy nothing. Flexible horseshoes give a sweet pinch that you can enjoy anytime you please. Soft satin tyes give the ultra-feminine finish that radiate a soft femininity that's hard to resist.