All Night Long🥂 Feminine Black Garter Belts

It's time to go out.  Your friends are getting ready and your Lyft is on the way.  And you are stuck.  You don't know what to wear.  Sound familiar?  Sure, you look to your friends for guidance and inspiration but this decision is something that we all must face.  You want something that is feminine and stylish but want to make your own statement.  That is when you need to consider the Legtyes Collection of feminine leg garters.  These handcrafted leg garters are a beautiful way to accent your curves and bring that lingerie look into the streets.  When you are wondering what to wear, start with the accessories and work your way back into your outfit, it can help guide your wardrobe decisions and help you come up with a look you might not have created before.  The Legtyes Collection is a beautiful way to delight your look with femininity, style and evocative sensuality.  Here are 3 black leg garters you should consider for your next night out:

Black Leg Garters

Black Leg Garters | Lady Legtyes

In life, it's the small things that count and this could not be truer than with these flirtatiously feminine leg garters designed to caress your thighs and waist with evocative style.  These intricately detailed leg garters feature a beautiful elastic trim and handcrafted tye detail that you can slip on under shorts, a skirt or with whatever your heart desires.

Black Leg Garters | Invitation Legtyes 

You're invited to experience a sensual accessorizing emotion that you might have never known existed.  The Invitation black leg garters feature a beautiful satin tye and soft elastic loops that surround your thighs with sensuality and style.  Wear them under a short skirt for a sensual surprise.

Black Leg Garters | Honey Legtyes

Pour on some sugar with these evocatively feminine leg garters designed to light up your look with femininity and style.  Soft light pink tyes accent while dramatic black elastic straps caress the hips and thighs for an unforgettable finish that you can wear over and over again.

love, tara