Back to Business with Necktie Necklaces

There is something innately powerful about a necktie.  It's decades of masculine application in most dress wear has proclaimed this design to be for men.  But when style cross over happens with a little feminine adaption, something beautiful happens.  This power of confidence is translated and that something is the Necktye Collection inspired by the decades of power bestowed on this symbol but soften and femininized for women to confidently wear, no matter what they are wearing it with. Using an array of delicate chains and luxurious small and mid-size pearls, this collection will make you want to get back to business.  Here are 3 necktie necklaces that you should consider the next time you are going into work:

Scandal Necktie Necklace

Stir up a little mischief with this seductively simple necktie necklace designed to highlight your decollete with beauty, sophistication and the power.  This simple design features luxuriously creamy glass pearls and a beautiful dainty chain that makes it perfect to wear to the office with your favorite business suit or make it intimate by taking it into your boudoir.  Enjoy a little scandal with this flirty and feminine necktie necklace.

Executive Necktie Necklace 

Be the executive that you are with this sophisticated and feminine necktie necklace designed to light up any look you wear it with.   This handcrafted necktie necklace features strategically placed pearls around the decollete and cascading down tthe torso for a finish that is powerfully feminine.  Enjoy styling any look with this versatile and feminine necktie necklace.

Gossip Necktie Necklace

Give them something to talk about with this feminine and seductively sweet necktie necklace that will go with you wherever you want to go.  This necktie necklace features a single, petite glass pearl accent and dramatic chain that cascades down the front for a beautiful statement you can make whenever your heart wants to.  Perfect with a business suit, little black dress or lacy nothing.


love, tara