Be the Dessert 🎀 Sensual Intimates For Tonight

The evening.  It's a special time for celebration.  You can recap on your day.  Talk about your day with others.  And connect with people that might not have been involved in your day.  Keep this special time for the ones you love and take it into the bedroom.  Sensual intimates are not designed to just be sexy.  They are designed to highlight your femininity, your body and your presence with fitted elastic and sensual feminine details.  Whether you want to show the one you love how much you love them or just enjoy the feeling of your own sensuality all by yourself, having sensual intimates to show you just how amazing you are every evening.  Learn to be your own dessert with this bold collection of sensual intimates, like lingerie harnesses, nipple clamps, nipple covers, handcuffs and leg garters to highlight your femininity.  Whether you are celebrating the beginning of a beautiful evening or want to relax after a stressful day, be the dessert tonight to your day with the Intimates Collection.  Here are a few sensual intimates that you can enjoy tonight:

Sensual Intimates

CAKE Nipple Clamps

Inspired by all things sweet and feminine, the CAKE nipple clamps are designed to make you the dessert anytime you please.  These non-piercing nipple clamps feature a flexible nipple clamps with a soft satin tye that you can easily put on or take off as you please.  Enjoy a sweetly feminine statement anytime you want with these feminine nipple clamps served in a sweet cake box.

 Lady Leg Garters

Be the lady that you are with these evocatively feminine leg garters that will go with you wherever you go.  The Lady Leg Garters feature soft elastic bands and handcrafted tyes with an adjustable belt so that you can easily wear them with whatever your heart desires.  Wear these sensual intimates under a short skirt, with your favorite lingerie set or nothing at all.

 Mademoiselle Pearl Handcuffs

Discover the intersection of luxury and sensuality with these feminine soft bondage handcuffs designed to light up your most intimate moments with pleasure and surrender.  Inspired by luxury, these soft bondage handcuffs are designed to be worn as you please and can be easily removed once the moment calls for it.  Enjoy your most intimate moments with the power of the Mademoiselle pearl handcuffs.


Love, Tara