Being A #BossBabe with Bow Earrings

The weekend has come and gone and now it's time to face a brand new week.  You might feel a little tired from the weekend or maybe even a little rejuvenated from the break, however you are feeling make sure you are at the top of your game with a strong accessorizing strategy that will have you winning.  But what is an accessorizing strategy?  And how will you employ one that works?  An accessorizing strategy is like a calendar, it works like clockwork.  You can rotate your accessories around to ensure they are getting worn with equal frequency.  Maybe it's a Necklace Monday or an Anklet Friday, however you want to design your accessorizing strategy is completely up to you.  But just make sure you have a little fun with it and show off that awesome personality of yours.  Next, to make sure you are successful with it is to incorporate different kinds of accessories.  The diversity of application of your accessory decisions underpins your style success. From belts to bow earrings, there is something that you can strategically wear everyday to make your style more defined and polished.  To get you started, here is a first strategic move towards your new accessorizing self:


Bow Earrings

 Glamorous Bow Earrings • Bombshell Eartyes

Be the bombshell that you are with these satin tye earrings that will go with you wherever you go!  This bow earrings are designed to highlight your face and neck with a softly radiant feminine touch.  Perfect for a night out on the town or a day at the office, start your day off right with these feminine bow earrings!

Bow Hoop Earrings •  Coax Eartyes

Give your look a feminine touch with these uniquely beautiful black bow hoop earrings!  Designed to light up your world, these simple and versatile bow hoop earrings will go with you whenever you want to go.  Enjoy accessorizing for your day and your night with these handcrafted hoop bow earrings.

Simple Bow Earrings  • Honey Eartyes

Pour some honey on your style with these undeniably sweet bow earrings designed to capture style and femininity.  Handcrafted satin tyes dangle with sweet delight while a lead-free leverback earwire secures.  Designed to be worn all day and all night, enjoy a little sweetness in your accessorizing strategy.

love, tara