Bikinis & Bodtyes: Summer Body Chain Jewelry

The sun is out. The pool is open. Enjoy these beautiful summer days in style by wearing a feminine body chain with this seasons’ wardrobe.   Body chains are super versatile and also a popular fashion accessory that you might have seen on Instagram, at the pool or at the mall. Nothing says sexy like a glimmer of gold or black against suntanned skin. Here are a few style tips on where and how to wear your fashion body chain this summer:


Last year, I was out with a bunch of my girlfriends hanging out at a cabana at some Las Vegas day club. The DJ was amazing, but what was even more amazing is how beautiful everyone looked. I remember sitting poolside when a girl wearing this very heavy waist chain walked by. It was beautiful. Wearing a body chain while you are lounging poolside can seriously transform your look. There are a few more options with body chain styles when you are wearing a bikini, because, well, you are exposing more skin giving that body chain the chance to really make a statement. You can go with the traditional waist chain body chain or a torso body chain that acts as both a necklace and a waist chain. Experiment with different styles and find a bikini and a body chain that go together well.


Coachella. South by Southwest. Anywhere in Ibiza. When you are headed out to a music fest, adding a feminine and fashionable body chain can not only accentuate your curves but also create a statement. Body chains have a variety of styles, from bold to dainty, so look at your outfit and try different silhouettes of body chains to see what one works best. I love wearing a very basic shirt or dress and allowing the body chain be the center of the look. Aim to achieve a beautiful balance between the clothing you are wearing and the body chain you select.


Add a touch of sensual glimmer to your look by adding a body chain. Waist body chains are a flirty accessory to add to pantsuits, cocktail dresses or even jeans. Whether the body chain is gold or black, dainty or bold, body chains can give your look that polished look that thrives at night. My favorite is wearing a mini shirt with a multi-layered waist chain. This not only shows off your hips but defines your curves.

Wherever this summer takes you, here are a few of my favorite body chains from the Bodtye Collection