Birthday Suit: Flirty Jewelry, Accessories & Intimates

It's March 18th.  It's my birthday.  For my birthday this year, I am celebrating by sharing feminine jewelry, accessories, and intimates that highlight feminine features.  From bow necklaces to bow rings to lingerie harnesses and leg garters, each item is designed to be worn to enhance your confidence, independence and femininity.  No matter where this world takes you, having a beautiful mix of jewelry, accessories and intimates is always a beautiful way to start the next year of your life.  As your style evolves, so should your wardrobe.  Selecting new items and letting go of others is the way to ensure that your style is continuously evolving into something beautiful and something that is truly you.  Here are a few jewelry, accessories and intimates that I want to wear on my birthday and every day of the year:

 Birthday Jewelry, Accessories and Intimates

Chantilly Lace Choker

Say hello to sweet style with this feminine and flirty lace choker designed to delight your style with sweet femininity.  This lace choker features handcrafted satin tyes and a metallic lace that will shine with you.  This beautifully feminine choker is a beautiful way to accessorize any look you desire.  Perfect with that little black dress, business suit or whenever you need a little lace in your life.

Flirt Heel Accessories

Flirt with each step in these ultra-feminine heel accessories designed to make each step sweeter.  The Flirt heel accessories are designed with long tailed tyes so they will move with each step you take.  These flirty heel accessories are perfect to wear out on the town or on ladies night, these flirty heel accessories will instantly transform any pair of shoes!

Honey Bra Chain

Delight your look with the sweetest of accents in this ultra-feminine bra chain designed to highlight your torso and shoulders.  This flirty and sensual accessory features handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free chain that contours your curves with the most beautiful of accents.  Wear this bra chain under your favorite shirt, lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all.