Black Hair Bows For Any #Lewk

Perhaps you've seen them in Dior advertisements, on a stylish woman walking down the street or in your favorite movie, black hair bows are a bit iconic.  Worn by glamourous and famous women in all aspects of art, black hair bows are a beautiful and feminine way to transform your hairstyle without much investment nor effort. Timeless and versatile, black hair bows are a beautiful way to discover new styles as well as reinvigorate old ones. Whether you are walking down the red carpet or enjoy a night out with friends, these feminine hair accessories will take you anywhere you want to go and blend into any #lewk your heart desires.  Here are 3 black hair bows that you can wear to accessorize any #lewk any day of the week:

Black Hair Bows

Black Hair Bow • Doll Hair Bow Comb

Flirt with femininity in this versatile and beautiful hair bow comb designed to light up any hairstyle.  This handcrafted satin hair bow features long satin tails and a salon-style hair comb that can be easily inserted into any hairstyle.  Effortless and chic, this feminine black hair bow will go with you wherever you want to go. 

Black Hair Bow • Bougie Lace Hair Bow Comb

Enchant any hairstyle with elegance and beauty in this classic black hair bow designed to transform any look your hair desires.  This black lace hair bow features an intricate lace and salon-style hair comb that can easily be worn with your favorite lingerie set, lacy nothing or even a business suit to create a feminine finish.

Black Hair Bow • Princesa Hair Bow Comb

Crown any look with femininity and flirtation in this classic and timeless black hair bow designed to be an instant classic in your wardrobe.  This handcrafted black hair bow features a handcrafted satin tye and salon-style hair comb that you can insert into a ponytail, updo or in a bunch of curls.  The options are all yours with this classic black hair bow!

love, tara