Black Hair Bows For Your Everyday

Having a bad hair day?  Or maybe just don't really know what to do with your hair?  These are common issues we experience and sometimes a little inspiration and a little help from hair accessories can get us past any hair roadblock we are experiencing.  Hair accessories, hair bows we love, are great ways to transform any hairstyle without much investment nor time commitment. The Hairtye Collection of feminine hair accessories and hair bow combs is designed to make any bad hair day turn around into something beautiful and inspiring.  Ranging from beautiful to bold to subtle, this collection of hair accessories makes for a beautiful way to transform your look when you need to be feeling yourself.  No matter if you want your hair down, up in a messy bun or classy updo, having the right hair accessories can make a big impact on your look.  While you may think that hair bows are juvenile, having one in your hair can light up your look with femininity, elegance and grace.  Here are 3 black hair bows you need to consider for your next hair inspiration:

Black Hair Bows

Marie Antoinette Velvet Black Hair Bow Comb

Designed to be impactful yet subtle, this handcrafted hair bow is a beautiful way to lighten up any look effortlessly.  The Marie Antoinette black hair bow comb features a soft velvet tye and salon-style hair comb that you can insert into any hairstyle you wish.  Enjoy versatility and effortless styling with this must have hair bow!

Doll Black Hair Bow Comb

Give your hair a flawlessly feminine finish with this flirty and seductive black hair bow!  Designed to give any hairstyle a hint of something new and fresh, this hair bow comb is a beautiful way to accessorize your look.  The Doll black hair bow comb features a handcrafted satin tye and salon style hair bow comb.

Princesa Black Hair Bow Comb

Be the princesa that you are with this ultra-feminine hair bow comb that blends classic femininity with seductive style.  The Princesa black hair bow comb features a bold hair bow with a salon style comb that you can wear again and again!

Love, tara