Boudoir Style 🎀 Sensually Feminine Nipple Clamps

You might have seen them.  You might have wanted to try them.  But you might have been scared or intimated by them.  But the fact is, nipple clamps are something that can be fun, sensual and empowering if you let them be.  The Niptyes Collection of sensually feminine nipple clamps is designed to light up your look with sensuality and style.  Whether you are a beginner to the world of intimate jewelry or just want to experiment with them, nipple clamps can deliver sensual sensations to your most intimate experiences.  Delight your look with femininity and sensuality in your boudoir or even out in the streets.  Intimate jewelry and accessories don't have to be intimidating or painful.  You don't even need to have your nipples pierced to enjoy the sensual sensations that nipple accessories can deliver.  That is the inspiration behind the Niptyes Collection.  Wear them when you want, how you want and take them off as you please.  Here are 3 nipple clamps that you should consider for your next intimate encounter:

Teddy Nipple Clamps

 Feminine Nipple Clamps | Teddy Niptyes

Flirt with your sensuality in the most intimate ways with the necklace-nipple clamp accessory designed to light up your look.  The Teddy Niptyes are inspired by all things lingerie.  Wear this feminine intimate accessory under a loose shirt, with your favorite boudoir attire or with nothing but your bare skin.  Discover your sensual side with these feminine nipple clamps.

Feminine Nipple Clamps | Secrets Niptyes 

Shhh..let it be a secret.  The Secrets nipple clamps are designed to be discrete yet powerful.  These petite nipple clamps feature a handcrafted organza tye and flexible horseshoe nipple clamps that allow you the freedom to control the amount of pressure.  The more you clamp the firmer and more stable the grip.  Enjoy your femininity discretely with these petite yet powerful nipple clamps.

 Feminine Nipple Clamps | CAKE Niptyes

Be the dessert anytime you please with these sweetly luxurious nipple clamps designed to make your look feminine and delightful.  The CAKE niptyes come to you served in a cake slice box, making it perfect for gifting to the one you love.  Light up your look with sensuality and femininity in these luxuriously feminine nipple clamps. 


 Love, Tara