Bow Adjustable Rings For Your Next #Mani

We all love a good #mani.  Whether it's gels, acrylics or just a polish change, having a freshly done set of nails makes us feel pampered and desired.  Not only does treating ourselves to a #mani give us a confidence boost it helps with our overall hygiene and appearance.  So why not give your next manicure a little boost of femininity with the Ringtye Collection of adjustable bow rings.  This versatile collection of feminine jewelry will have you wanting to post your favorite #jewelrygrams all day long.  From bold to simple, allow this collection to go with you wherever your day takes you.  Ahead are 3 adjustable bow rings that you should consider treating yourself to.

Black Bow Adjustable Ring

Do Me Proper Black Bow Adjustable Ring 

Give your mani the respect it deserves with this handcrafted black bow ring from the Do Me Proper Collection.  This petite yet powerful piece of jewelry is a beautiful way to transcend style and femininity.  Perfect as a thumb ring, but you can wear this petite bow ring on any finger your heart desires.  When you are looking for a special treat, allow this Do Me Proper bow ring give your mani a respectable finish.

XO Black Bow Adjustable Ring 

Kiss your mani with sweet femininity in this flirty and bold adjustable bow ring from the XO Collection. Go from the office to the boudoir with this versatile ring and anywhere in between.  This adjustable bow ring features a wispy design and silver-toned ring band that is a so comfy you might not want to take it off!

 Enchantress Black Bow Ring 

Looking for something a little more evocative and chic?  Than look no further than the Enchantress Ringtye, which is inspired by enchantment and seduction.  This handcrafted adjustable bow ring glides around your fingers, almost like a knuckle rings, bound to knock out your admirers with charm and femininity.  Wear this handcrafted bow ring with your favorite little black dress or sexy nothing.

 love, tara