Bow Belts: Feminine & Versatile Fashion Accessories💕

Accessorizing is like a game.  Add a bracelet, lose the earrings.  Go with different shoes, change the skirt.  Almost like a game of chess, mastering the accessorizing game is an art and a science.  By carefully curating a collection of accessories that are versatile and flattering is a great idea when you want to maximize your wardrobe.  Like bow belts.  These flirty, feminine and sensual accessories are a great way to instantly transform your look.  Wear them with jeans, a dress or with nothing at all.  Here are a few of out must-have bow belts from the Beltye Collection!


Perfect for pool days and long nights, the nice bow chain belt is a perfect accessory to wear when you want to add a little sweetness to your look.  Dainty chain drapes across the front, back or you could place it to the side.  Wear with your favorite pencil skirt, bikini or lingerie.  A beautiful satin tye secures at the back to give you a customizable fit so you can wear it however you like:)


When you are feeling a little more formal, the highness bow belt is the perfect addition to your look.  This soft and feminine bow belt features an adjustable strap so you can wear it as an empress waist, around jeans, to the back to the front.  The styling options are all yours with this feminine and sophisticated bow belt.  A handcrafted satin tye accents this beautiful fashion accessory.  It also makes a perfect gift when you are not quite sure what their size is.  Wear it formally with a dress, with jeans or perhaps with nothing at all.


When you need that extra bit of sparkly, the Princesa Beltye Bow Belt is the perfect accessory to add to your look.  A soft satin tye accents the front of the belt while radiate rhinestone mesh encircles the waist.  An adjustable strap makes the styling possibilities fun and flirty.  Wear it to the pool for a little flirty touch or when you are going out with friends, this versatile bow belt is a glamorous accessory to add to your wardrobe.