Bow Nipple Pasties for Your #Friyay

It's the end of the week.  A beautiful time to relax, let go and reflect.  It's also a great time for reflection, exploration and fun.  So whether you are lounging around your boudoir, having a social distancing party or having fun with the one you love, this #friyay celebrate your femininity with bow nipple covers from the Pastyes Collection.  This collection is designed to light up your world with femininity, flirtation and fun.  Master the art of the striptease or enjoy sensually accessorizing with this collection of sparkly bow pasties.  Designed for the burlesque artist at heart, this collection is so fun and beautiful to wear you can enjoy them even if you have never worn anything like this before.  Enjoy your sensuality like never before with these lingerie accessories that will light up your imagination this #friyay and any day your heart desires.  Here are 3 bow nipple pasties that you should consider integrating into your weekend wardrobe:

Bow Nipple Pasties

Pearlure Sparkly Bow Nipple Pasties

Discover where sensuality and luxury collide with these seductively beautiful sparkly bow nipple covers.  Luxurious pearl teardrops dangle with sinister delight and highlight each move you make.  These reusable beauties are perfectly paired with your favorite black lacy nothing or sexy teddy that will help you put on a show to remember.

Kitty Sparkly Kitten-inspired Bow Nipple Pasties

Be the kitten that you are with these kitten-inspired bow pasties that will make your kittens prrrr in sensual delight.  Intricate and evocative Russian veiling lights up your look and emulates the look of whiskers.  Wear these sparkly bow nipple covers with your favorite sexy nothing or with nothing at all:) You kitten.

Love Sparkly Bow Nipple Covers

Love and be loved with these handcrafted sparkly bow nipple covers designed to light up your world with love, sparkles and femininity.  These reusable bow nipple covers make a beautiful sensual gift for the one you love or just that something something that you need on a lonely #friyay night. 


love, tara