Bow Pasties for Your #SundayMood

Oh, Sunday.  We love you and we loathe you.  The last day off before the beginning of another week and a day to enjoy to the max.  Whether you are working away at a retail job or lounging poolside with your #squad, enjoy this Sunday with the sensuality and flirtation of the Pastyes Collection of bow nipple pasties.  This collection is dedicated to sweetening up your current #sundaymood.  Wear them around your boudoir or give the one you love a sensual surprise.  There is no stopping sweetness with these reusable nipple covers designed to light up your most intimate style.  Read ahead to discover 3 bow nipple pasties that you need for your #sundaymood:

Bow Nipple Pasties

You're invited to explore, to enjoy, to experience the magic of your femininity with these sparkly bow nipple covers designed to light up your most intimate moments.  These handcrafted nipple covers feature a beautifully intricate flower design with a flirtatious satin tye.  Enjoy wearing these all day and all night.  They are even better under a sheer shirt to light up the imagination.
Enjoy the sweetness of femininity with these handcrafted chiffon bow nipple covers from the Daisy Collection.  Inspired by all things beautiful and soft, these beautifully handcrafted bow nipple covers will make your most intimate style even more magic!  Wear them anytime your heart desires. 
Discover the kitten in you with these ultra-feminine bow nipple covers with sexy Russian veiling inspired by kitten whiskers.  These feminine and flirtatious bow nipple covers are a beautiful way to light up your look.  Perfect for a secretive moments with the one you love or as a gift to yourself.  You deserve to enjoy a little fun, now don't you?


love, tara