Burlesque Pasties For Your Next Show✨

Have you ever danced around your room to your favorite song?  Most of us have.  It's a fun way to work out, release some stress and have fun.  Dancing comes in many forms, but one that not all of us have tried is the striptease.  This form of entertainment goes way back and can be defined as an art and a science.  The art of strategically removing your clothes and the science behind the laws of attraction.  There is nothing more liberating than enjoy your body and the magic of the presence then going through your first, or 97th striptease.  The Pastyes Collection is inspired by this feeling.  The feeling of letting go and enjoying the moment.  Each nipple cover in the Pastyes Collection is totally reusable and can be worn with your favorite lingerie.  Whether it's your birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasion, celebrate your femininity in style with these ultra-seductive burlesque pasties designed to reflect your sensual sparkle.  Here are a few Burlesque pasties to consider for your next intimate adventure:

Burlesque Pasties

Burlesque Pasties | Duchess Nipple Covers

Delight your sensuality in style in the Duchess burlesque pasties!  These handcrafted and reusable nipple covers are a beautiful and luxurious way to flirt with your femininity.  The Duchess nipple covers feature a handcrafted tulle tye and sparkly nipple cover so that you can wear them striptease after striptease:)

Burlesque Pasties | Daisy Nipple Covers 

Designed to inspire femininity, the Daisy nipple covers are a sensual treat to ignite the most passionate moments.  These burlesque pasties feature a soft organza tye and chiffon daisy accents to light up any look you desire.  Wear them with your favorite lingerie set, under a blazer for a little flashy flash or with whatever your heart desires.

Burlesque Pasties | Pearlure Nipple Covers

A little luxury and a little sensuality all in these burlesque nipple covers!  The Pearlure nipple covers feature a luxurious teardrop pearl that moves with your every move.  Delight and tease your onlookers with these ultra-playful and sensually feminine burlesque pasties!
love, tara