Business Class // Accessorizing with Necktie Necklaces

When it's time to decide what to wear to work, let's face it.  You have a lot of options.  And while the dress code of your workplace may be able to help guide your decisions, give yourself permission to add your own personality with accessories.  Fashion accessories are an integral and impactful part of any look.  Designed to contour, to highlight and to attract, accessories are a beautiful way to turn a regular day into a beautiful one.  The Necktye Collection of handcrafted necktie necklaces is a unique and professional way to define your look.  Each necktie necklace in this collection is designed to go with you from the boardroom to happy hour.  Ahead are 3 necktie necklaces that you should consider integrating into your professional wardrobe:

Necktie Necklace

Gossip Necktie Necklace // A Sophisticated & Simple Necklace

Give them something to talk about with this seductively simple necktie necklace designed to highlight your decollete with beauty and definition.  This necktie necklace features a single petite pearl with a long drape to add sweet seduction to any blouse or blazer that you pair it with.  Wear it dangling under a sheer shirt or bring it into your boudoir for a sexy accessory.   No matter what you decide to wear it with, this beautiful necktie necklace will go with you wherever you want to go.

Centerfold Necktie Necklace // A Glamorous Necktie

Be the centerfold in your life with this girlishly glamourous necktie necklace inspired to bring out the beauty in you.  This necktie necklace features a beautiful pearl strand and contrasting yet complementary chain that will define your look with beauty and seduction.  Pair this necktie necklace with your favorite menswear blazer or a simple shirt.

Hypnotic Necktie Necklace // A Pearl Necktie Necklace

Give your look a beautiful finish with this necktie necklace that will boost your look with unique finish.  This necktie necklace features an asymmetrical design that will highlight your neck and decollete.  Perfect for a business meeting or some private time in your boudoir.  You will not get bored with this feminine necktie necklace.

with love tara