Business Class 💼 Necktie Necklaces for Work

Wondering what to wear to work is sometimes a hurdle we have to overcome each day.  Depending on the work culture, dress code and social normalities that come with your work place can vary and should be adhered to.  But enjoying a little autonomy inside the lines is always a fun thing to do.  That is the inspiration behind the Necktye Collection of feminine necktie necklaces.  To be as free as you can be but still inserting your power, passion and style into a look.  Elegantly designed and innately dainty, this powerful accessory can not be overlooked when you are getting ready for work.  Each necktie necklace is carefully crafted to ensure that you get a beautiful look with enduring quality.  Innately versatile, this collection of necktie necklaces are designed to wear with your favorite business suit, little black dress or even take it to the boudoir realm with your favorite lingerie set.  Enjoy the beautiful things in life with this powerfully feminine accessory.  Here are 3 necktie necklaces to consider wearing for your next work day:

Necktie Necklaces  

Necktie Necklace | Hypnotic Necktie Necklace 

Define your own rules with this alluring and seductive necktie necklace designed to make any look stylish and feminine.  Designed to trick the eye a bit, this necktie necklace is perfect to wear under a crisp white collared shirt to make your onlookers want to see the rest:)

Necktie Necklace | Executive Necktie Necklace 

Call the shots with this feminine and dainty necktie necklace designed to light up any look with femininity and style. Inspired by all the hard decisions to need to make, this beautifully handcrafted necktie necklace makes for the perfect accessory no matter where life takes you.

Necktie Necklace | Blackmail Necktie Necklace 

Show off your style with this seductively feminine necktie necklace designed to light up your look with femininity and style.  The Blackmail necktie necklace features a beautiful pearl drape that defines the neck with beauty and style.  Some things, like necktie necklaces, never go out of style.

love, tara