Meet CAKE.  A delicious way to sensually accessorizing without sacrificing taste nor class.  Hence, the name for this unique and feminine design of nipple clamps.  The CAKE Niplace is designed to be a beginner's best choice when exploring intimate jewelry and accessories. Not only are they adjustable to the nipples' diameter, they provide a secure attachment so you can strip tease over and over again!  A soft satin tye adorns each nipple clamp providing a feminine finish.

When I originally started designing the niptyes nipple clamps collection, I noticed that a lot of the nipple clamps on the market were rather scary and painful looking.  I wanted something inviting and seductive while maintaining a feminine aesthetic.  Using a luxurious glass pearl strand to connect the two satin tye nipple clamps provides a jewelry-like finish but in a very intimate manner.  I thought this would appeal to women and men who want to enjoy the sensations of nipple clamps without the pain nor fear. 

Packaged in an adorable CAKE box, this nipple clamp set is so ready for gifting!  Treat yourself or someone you love with these beautifully handcrafted nipple clamps!  Whether it's an anniversary, birthday or your wedding night, the CAKE Niptyes nipple clamps are a sensual gift to enjoy with each other.  Another idea is to wear them under a sheer shirt to provide a little flirtation while maintaining coverage. 

¬†Available in black, pink and white, the CAKE Niptyes¬†nipple clamps are perfect for any special occasion¬†where intimacy and sweetness collide.¬† Evoke your sensuality with a little curiousity and something a little different than the typical nipple cover or sexy bra.¬† Surprise your loved one with something unique and flirty.¬† Wear them with your favorite panties and decide what color that you want to wear. Tonight you be the desert.¬†ūüéÄ