Cheers to Bow Bracelets🥂

Have you ever given a toast?  Given a speech?  Or had to lead your peers at work?  Well, if you have, cheers to you.  For having something to say, for sharing your energy and for your leadership skills.  You are capable of so many things, so here’s a toast to you.  But this toast would not complete without the stylish accent of bow bracelets.  These seductively sweet accents transform your arm game to an entire new level.   From dainty to bold, from simple to seductive, the Tyelet Collection of feminine bow bracelets make for the perfect companion wherever this world takes you.  From day to night, from coast to coast, the Tyelet Collection of bow bracelets are a beautiful way to expand your style effortlessly.  Inspired by the traditional masculine bowtie, these feminine bow bracelets are the perfect addition to your jewelry box.  Ahead are 3 bow bracelets to consider for your next adventure:

Bow Bracelet

Femme Fatale Bow Bracelet

Delight your style effortlessly with the addition of the Femme Fatale bow bracelet.  This handcrafted satin tye bow bracelet features a soft elastic fit that molds to your wrist so you can wear it all day and all night.  Inspired by your inner seductress, allow the Femme Fatale bow bracelet to infuse femininity into your look 

Hickey Bow Bracelet

Make your mark with this simple and seductive bow bracelet that will make everything you touch a little sweeter.  This handcrafted satin tye black bracelet features a petite tye with a luxurious satin wrist band so that you can wear it with anything your heart desires!

Duchess Bow Bracelet

Nothing says feminine like the soft touch of tulle.  Enjoy style and femininity with this handcrafted black bow bracelet!  The Duchess bow bracelet features a soft elastic wrist band that you can enjoy to wear anytime you want.  Innately versatile and beautifully feminine, this bow bracelet makes for a beautiful way to accessorize any look.

 love, tara