Chokers All Year Long

Your jewelry box.  You either love it, like it or loathe it.  Sometimes you organize it, purge it, and add to it.  But there is one piece of jewelry that belongs in every jewelry box.  What is that? You might ask.  The answer is a black choker.  Yes.  You might remember how popular they were in the 1990s, but they have been around since the 16th century.  These iconic pieces of feminine jewelry has symbolized a lot through the years.  You can wear it today, in the winter or whenever your heart desires.  You see this iconic piece of feminine jewelry will transform your look and is able to create a timeless, classic look again and again.  Read on to discover three black chokers that you should consider adding to your jewelry box today:

Black Bow Choker

Inspired by the traditional bowtie design, this simple and sophistication bow choker features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic band that encircles the neck for a beautifully feminine finish.  Enjoy wearing this with your favorite business suit, little black dress or lacy nothing.  When you want to harness the power of your femininity, allow this black choker to come with you on your next adventure.

Lady Bowtye • An Intricately Feminine Bow Choker

Celebrate your femininity with this simple and comfortable black elastic choker designed to light up any look.  This choker features a soft elastic and handcrafted tyes that accent the back of the neck.  This unique twist makes it perfect to wear with a messy bun, fancy updo or ponytail to highlight the back of your neck.  Enjoy wearing this black choker wherever your heart desires.

Marie Antoinette Black Velvet Bow Choker • A Kittenish Choker

Discover the kitten in you with this flirty and feminine velvet tye choker from the Marie Antoinette Collection.  Inspired by all thing fancy things, this flirty and feminine bow choker is a beautiful way to light up your look instantly.  Wear it front and center or off to the side, this flirty and feminine is a beautiful way to accessorize any look.


love, tara