Chokers For Any Look

You might have seen some.  On Instagram.  At work.  Or even at that trendy lounge downtown.  Seen what? You might ask.  Chokers.  They are still a thing and are pretty much a lot of places.  And why not?  They are one of the most impactful and simple feminine accessories that you can wear today.  Enjoy a little flirtation and a lot of style with these beautifully feminine chokers designed to elevate your style to the next level.  No matter where you are going, to work, on a family vacation or just hanging out in your boudoir, having a beautiful mix of feminine chokers is a beautiful way to create a fashion statement that will be as versatile as you want it to be.  Discover your feminine style and invest in feminine jewelry that will be trendy and versatile to wear over and over again and dates back several hundred years.  From Queen Victoria to 1990s pop stars, the choker has stood the test of time and will continue to be the best to go from your next jewelry choice.   Here are a few chokers that you should consider to add into your jewelry box:

 Feminine Chokers

Feminine Chokers || Marie Antoinette Choker

When the kitten inside of you wants to come out and play, allow this feminine choker to become your best go to!  This handcrafted velvet bow choker is perfect to wear with a business suit, a white collared shirt, that little black dress or even nothing at all.  Enjoy your femininity with these ultra-feminine bow choker designed to bring out style and confidence in you.

Feminine Chokers || Femme Fatale Choker

Delight your look with a hint of masculine-inspired style in this sensual choker designed to bring a little femme fatale to any look.  This handcrafted bow choker features a soft satin tye and elastic choker with a clasp closure.  Wear this feminine bow choker with any look you desire!  Perfect as a gift for someone you love or a treat for yourself.  Discover your femininity in this menswear-inspired bow choker.

Feminine Chokers || Hickey Bow Choker 

Leave your mark with this irresistibly sensual choker designed to light up any look with feminine style.  Inspired by the sensual act of giving a hickey, this beautifully feminine bow choker is perfect to wear with any look.  Inspire your style with feminine accents with the Bowtye Collection!